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But don't pee in my car!  ;-)

Pet Sitting in Dubai

At your home and, for some pets, boarding in my own home. (And I charge only AED 10,000 per cuddle! ~ joking!)
A boarding facility is sometimes best, depending your needs and your pet's temperament, but pet sitting, with your pet at home and me coming to you, or in my own home, can definitely be just the potion needed. Dog sitting. Cat sitting. Chicken sitting (you have a chicken?!!). I just love 'em all.

Pet Home Visits

Any number of visits to your home each day. Let's talk it through and figure out what's best for you and your pet.

All The Basics

...of course. Feeding, walkies, cleaning up (though, of course I know YOUR pet NEVER makes a mess!).

Beyond The Basics

And not just pet sitting. You see, I'm a career animal junky, working professionally with and for animals for more than 10 years. So along with the obvious basics, I look beyond to such things as mood, physical condition and can deal with medical conditions, including identifying those subtle signs that a problem might be developing.

Medication For Your Pet

Pet sitting isn't always just pet sitting (have I already said that??). Need administration of medications and management of any routine medical conditions?

Advice And Guidance On Pet Care

...because I'm a know-it-all... of course!

Pet Boarding in Dubai

Not just pet sitting! (I think I've said that already!) Need boarding? How about in my own home for special-care pets, very young pets and others, case-by-case.

Updates, Updates, Updates !!!

You want to know and I WANT you to know too... so pics and videos to both our hearts' content.  :-)

I can provide you with excellent references from industry-leading animal care organisations in the UAE. That's the tooth!

Oh, and have I mentioned that I'm a career animal junky?

AED 120
for each home visit

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Then you get on with your plans.
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